Keno: A Pleasurable Way to Gamble in Casinos

Keno has been thriving in the gambling world for approximately 2,000 years now. Keno started as a game in China to help fund the building of the Great Wall of China. And from then, it has flourished across the world and can also be played now on the Internet.

Keno is a kind of casino game that is really fun to play. In online casinos, keno is available in many ranges from free keno games where there is no prize given to real money keno games where big prizes are at stake.

Basically, keno is really simple to play because it is somewhat similar to lottery. You got to select the right numbers to bet on out of the 80 available numbers on the card. As you play keno you need to make these very important decisions.

- How much should you bet on the ticket? - How many spots or numbers should you choose on the ticket? - What are the specific numbers should you select on the ticket?

The number of selected numbers or spots will ascertain the pay table corresponding to your keno game. The more selected spots you have on the ticket, the more matches will be needed in order to be qualified as a winning ticket. This will also means that the prize amount at stake is much larger and the difficulty level for catching your selected spots also increases.

In land-based casinos, a colored crayon is used to mark the spots on the ticket. Once you are done selecting, you can hand your ticket to a keno runner that your bet will be made before the next round of keno will commence.

In online casinos, you will just have to click your mouse on the number that you want to be marked. Usually in online casinos, the pay table for your selected number on the ticket will be shown on the screen, thus letting you have some idea about how many possible catches will it take to be qualified for the payout.

There are some keno games in online casinos that will let you buy more than one ticket that are playable for a multiple number of games without having to click again your selected numbers of spots.

During a game of keno, 20 numbers will be called out one after the other and will also be marked on the visible number board of keno. Once all the 20 randomly chosen numbers are called out, you can compare your selected spots to the result of the game and see if you were able to get enough number of catches that will qualify you for a payout from the keno pay table.

Don't put this out of your mind that keno has the highest house edge, so please be very careful each time you play the game of keno.